Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Can This Marriage be Saved?

In Genesis 2:24, God says:
“A man shall leave his mother and father and hold fast
to his wife and they shall become one flesh.”
When I began to consider marriage at age 27 I had holes, empty
places, that I thought would be filled by my husband. I honestly
thought that God put two people together because without the other
we could not be complete. Did I read the wrong books; listen to the 
wrong people or was I blind and deaf? I also thought that to 
“be one flesh” was to lose ones individuality. But I also had this idea
that Glen would meet all my needs, fill all my holes and adore me. After 
I got married I thought marriage to my husband was some kind of 
cosmic joke. Perhaps I had married the wrong man! We were as 
different as can be in how we processed information, the number of 
words we had for spending each day, and who we thought was the
most important of the two of us! My Glen was a medical student, was
not interested in filling my holes, wanted a wife who would take care
of him, adore him, and meet his needs.
Can God save this marriage?

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