Tuesday, December 18, 2018

What a Savior!

For there is one God and one mediator between God
and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as 
a ransom for all men...1 Timothy 2:5, 6

What a Savior is Jesus! How fully worthy is He of our
fullest praise! He stooped to us that He might put His
hand upon us, degraded though we were, and He has
done it tenderly and graciously, so that we are not afraid.

There is no terror for us in His hand, we do not shrink
from Him. He has touched us with the touch of a man,
and bound us with the cords of love. Yet was never less
than God, and God has touched us in Him. He has put 
one hand upon us and the other is placed upon the throne 
of God, and He is the one mediator. With the one hand He
has offered the fullest satisfaction to the righteous claims
of God, and with the other He has bestowed fullness of
grace upon us. He brings us to God and gives us a place
in His presence without fear, and in everlasting peace, a
peace established upon the infallible and immoveable
foundation of divine righteousness, secured for us by a
divine person for the eternal glory of God.

Thus we are justified before God, and all our fear is re-
moved and we are free to behold the hand that has been
placed upon us, and to mark the fact it is a wounded hand:
a hand that was nail-pierced for us when He identified
Himself with us, as we stood subject to the judgement of
God, that He might save us. We know the power of this
hand too: it has smitten death for us and will not relinquish 
its hold upon us forever. He will never surrender that 
true humanity which He has taken up, and as He is, so are 
they also who are His. The purpose of God is that we 
should be conformed to His own image. And so we shall 
be, and yet never shall we forget that He is "over all, God, 
blessed forever. JT Mawson 1873-1943
Such a sweet biography:

Reader, I have been pondering the conception and birth of
our Savior. His beginning made the cross and our salvation
possible. "The purpose of God is that we should be con-
formed to His own image. And so we shall be..."
May your heart soar this season, and give thanks, for such
an awesome salvation that keeps on giving!

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