Monday, December 3, 2018

For Those Who Wait

Blessed are those who wait for him! Isaiah 30:18

We often hear about waiting on God, which actually 
means that he is waiting until we are ready. There is
another side, however. When we wait for God, we 
are waiting until He is ready.

Some people say, and many more believe, that as soon 
as we meet all His conditions, God will answer our 
prayer. They teach that He lives in an eternal now, that
with Him there is no past or future, and that if we can
fulfill all He requires to be obedient to His will, imme-
diatly our needs will me met, our desires satisfied,
and our prayers answered.

While there is much truth in this belief, it expresses only
one side of the truth. God does live in an eternal now,
yet He works out His purposes over time. A petition pre-
sented to God is like a seed dropped in the ground. 
Forces above and beyond our control must work on it 
until the actual accomplishment of the answer.
From, The Still Small Voice

Reader, there are many of you, including myself, who
have been waiting on God for something tangible for
many years. Truly, "there are forces above and beyond
our control" that are in the mix as to time and place. I
encourage you to be faithful in trusting the God who
has spoken to you about the matter.

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