Thursday, December 13, 2018

Something to Ponder

Have I been so long with you, and yet have you not known 
me? John 14:9

So immensely are our lives below the mark as nominal
Christians that we have next to no idea of the distance
at which we walk from God, and when the soul is turned
to seek Him only, we discover we have been leaning on
the love and approval of others and not upon the Father's
love alone. 
George Wigram of the nineteenth century.
The following is a very powerful biography of a man that
I knew nothing about.–-1879/

Reader, I continue to be confronted with the church of
a previous century when there were so many men and
women who had a grip on scripture and lived out what
they taught. How is it that a man of that century felt that
the Christians were living below the mark of a nominal
Christian? With all of our toys and conveniences, how
can we really know the Father's love for us? As I talk to
others this, feeling unloved by God, comes up frequently.

Mary brought forth her first born and called Him Jesus--
Emanuel, God with us.

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