Monday, December 10, 2018

Pavement of Sapphire

Then Moses and Aaron, Nadab, and Abiju, and
seventy of the elders of Israel went up, and they
saw the God of Israel. There was under their feet 
as it were a pavement of sapphire stone, like the
very heaven for clearness. Exodus 24:9, 10

Amid the pressures of daily life, trust the Holy Spirit,
who is emphatically the Divine Remembrancer to bring 
all things to your remembrance, and to recall you to the 
consciousness of God. There is no duty in life, however 
trivial and commonplace, that may not be dignified by 
being rendered to God, as our service. This is indeed the 
secret of lifting all life to a noble and happy elevation. 
To do all for the Lord Jesus; to see Him standing behind 
every human relationship; to do the meanest and most 
irksome things because He takes them as service ren-
dered to Him. for which He will give reward--this is the 
Christian life, this makes the presence of God real, this 
dignifies the sweeping of a room...

Equally in our hours of recreation we may set the Lord,
always before us. Remember that it is said of the elders
of Israel that they saw Jehovah, and there was under his 
feet as it were the paved work of sapphire stone; they be-
held God, and did eat and drink... Happiest are they who 
are so at rest in Him that they do not hesitate to perform 
the natural functions of life with perfect ease, though all 
the while they recognize that He is nearer than hands or 
feet, nearer than breathing! The sense of God's presence 
would check immodesty, levity, self-indulgence, excess 
in eating or drinking, whilst it would give a new zest to 
all that was natural and innocent.  FB Meyer

Reader, there is a place of rest in service and in fun. The
Holy Spirit is able to keep God before you as you go
about your daily tasks. What an awesome God we have!
He does not want us to live independently from Him.

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