Thursday, December 20, 2018

Lord of All!

God also highly exalted him.   Philippians 2:9

Child in the manger,
Infant of Mary;
Outcast and stranger,
   Lord of all!
Child who inherits
   All our transgressions,
All our demerits
   On Him fall.

Once the most holy
   Child of salvation
Gently and lowly
   Lived below;
Now as our glorious
   Mighty Redeemer,
See Him victorious
   O'er each foe.

Prophets foretold Him,
   Infant of wonder;
Angels behold Him
   On His throne;
Worthy our Savior
   Of all their praises;
Happy forever
   Are His own.
Mary MacDonald 1817-1890
Tr Lachlan MacBean 1853-1931

Reader, take the time this season to ponder His
birth and His death together. Then go to the
first chapter of Genesis where this Baby spoke
the worlds into existence.

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