Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Wonder of Christmas

God also hath highly exalted him...
Philippians 2:9

Child in the manger,
Infant of Mary;
Outcast and stranger,
   Lord of all!
Child who inherits
All our transgressions,
All our demerits
   On him fall.

 Once the most holy
child of salvation
Gently and lowly
   Lived below;
Now as our glorious
Mighty Redeemer,
See Him victorious
   O'er each foe.

Prophets foretold Him,
Infant of wonder;
Angels behold Him
   On His throne;
Worthy our Savior
Of all their praises;
Happy forever
   Are His own.
Mary MacDonald 1817-1890

Reader, I am having a hard time viewing the
babe this year. Lots of lights and decorations,
but where is the purpose for the celebration?

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