Friday, December 1, 2017

The Kickback

It is not a once-for-all victory; it is a moment by moment victory.
It is the believer looking away from all else and "Unto Jesus, 
the author and finisher of our faith." Heb 12:2

But what a perilous life it is! Satan hates it; for it is an adver-
tisement of the sufficiency of his Conqueror, Jesus Christ. To 
trust Christ for complete victory is to be moved up to the front 
line of trench warfare; and front line trenches are perilous 
places when the attack is on. There is no life in the world so 
perilous as the Victorious Life. And there is no life so safe. 
Where the onslaughts of the Adversary are the most terrific, 
the grace of the Captain of our salvation is the most effectively 

Many have iterated and reiterated, that it is the most tempted 
life that we can live. Our Lord was tempted. The temptations 
we face come as never before: desperate, diabolical, hellish, 
subtle, refined, gross, spiritual, fleshly--the whole gamut of all 
the deception and the downfall that the world, the flesh, and 
the Devil can bring to the soul of the child of God. But Christ 
sees them all, and He is standing on sentry-guard in our lives 
against them; the Word of God has disclosed them all to us, 
and this "sword of the Spirit" is our sure weapon. 

If there should be failure through unbelief when failure comes 
and the enemy whispers, "You have sinned; and that proves 
you never believed the blessing you thought you had: you never 
had the Victorious Life." This is a lie of course. At Keswick 
they said, "If you should fail, shout VICTORY! Not with the 
idea of denying the reality of failure, but in recognition of the 
fact that Jesus has not failed. The enemy will also tell you that 
it will not have victory until we get apart with the Lord for a 
day, or an hour, or five minutes. But our Lord says that we can 
believe Him for instant cleansing and restoration. 
"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous to for-
give us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
1 John 1:9 Charles G Trumbull

Reader, have you been trying to put into practice the walking in
victory? How has it been with you? I have had so many oppor-
tunities of testing in the last few weeks. Press in and press on.
I know a life of victory is possible for each one of us.

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Unknown said...

So well stated, and so relevant! Thanks, Jane!!!!