Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Story of a Great Minister

This is the story of the circumstances that revolutionized 
the life of one of the best known ministers in Great Britain, 
whom God made a tower of strength for 45 years and who
gave the message of Victory at the Keswick Conventions. 

It was back in 1874 that a young church vicar, Rev Webb-
Peploe, with his wife went to the  seashore with their one
year old, the youngest child. There Mr Webb-Peploe met 
Sir Arthur Blackwood, an older man who asked him, 
"Have you got rest?"

"What do you mean by that? My sins are all forgiven 
through the blood of Jesus Christ, and I know He will take 
me home to heaven when I die."

"Yes, but what about the time between? Have you rest in 
all your work as a clergyman, and in your parish troubles?"

"No, but I wish I had" said the young man honestly.

"So do I, and today the great Oxford Convention begins.
(This was the forerunner of the Keswick Convention.) I
will be receiving an account of each meeting and we can
get together to read these accounts and then ask God to
give us the blessing of 'the rest of faith' which they will 
speak of."

For three days the two men met together then Mr Webb-
Peplos's little child was suddenly taken away by the 
Heavenly Father. His earthly father took the little boy 
home, and reached there much wounded in feeling 
through contact with people who did not understand. After 
the funeral he began to prepare a sermon. He found his 
text in the lesson for that day, 2 Corinthians 12:9--"My 
grace is sufficient for thee." He spent two hours working 
on his sermon, and then he said to himself: "It is not true; 
I do not find it sufficient under this heavy burden." And his 
heart cried out to God to MAKE His grace sufficient for 
his hour of sore need and crushing sorrow.

As he wiped the tears away he glanced up and saw a text 
over his study table: "My grace is sufficient for thee." The 
word, 'is,' was in bold type and in a different color. At that 
moment the pastor seemed to hear a voice saying to him:
"You fool, how dare you ask God to MAKE what IS? 
Believe His word. Get up and trust Him, and you will find 
it true at every point." He took God at his word, he be-
lieved the fact, and his life was revolutionized. He entered 
into an experience of rest and peace, such trust in a suffi-
cient Savior, as he never before had dreamed could be 
possible. From that day and now 45 years later, many 
have praised God that the life of this minister of the Gospel 
is a testimony to the sufficiency of the grace which God de-
clares a fact.  Charles G Trumbull

Reader, the Living Lord indwells every Believer and all
of us have access to a life of peace and rest. Jesus has
overcome everything by His death. His last words were,

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