Tuesday, November 28, 2017


My grace IS sufficient for you. 2 Corinthians 12:9

The little two letter verb "IS" is our Lord's wonderful
word to Paul and through him to every member in
the body of Christ. It is a veritable rock of ages. The
verb "IS" is the same verb as that which God says is
His own name, "I AM."

All of God's omnipotent sufficiency in His saving
delivering and keeping power for men is in Christ.
Christ is more than a promise: He is a fact, the eter-
nal Rock of Ages upon whom we may rest every-
thing. God's grace is Christ; and the grace of God
in Jesus Christ is sufficient.

The secret of victory is not praying but praising; not
asking, but thanking. All eternity will not be long e-
nough to finish praising and thanking our Lord Jesus
Christ for the simple, glorious fact that His grace IS
sufficient for us.
Charles G Trumbull


I AM--all things to thee;
Sufficient to thine every need;
 Thou art complete in Me.

I AM--thy Peace, thy Joy,
 Thy Righteousness, thy Might;
I Am--thy Victory o'er sin,
 Thy keeper day and night.

I Am--thy Way, thy Life;
 I Am--the Word of Truth;
Whate'er thy lack, I Am--to thee
 El Shaddai, Enough

I Am--thy Life within.
 Thine Everlasting Bread;
Eat of my Flesh, drink of my Blood,
 I Am-What does thou need?
Adah Richmond

Ah, reader, I woke up today singing,
His grace is sufficient
His grace is sufficient
His grace is sufficient for me.

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