Friday, November 3, 2017

The Life That Wins

The past few blogs have dealt with 'surrender' in every way.
Today I am going to lay the foundation for an excellent
book entitled, Victory in Christ, by Charles G Trumbull,
a man who lived from 1872 to 1941.

Dr Trumbull had been serving God for a couple of decades
but he had a growing need based on three things:
'1 He was aware of great fluctuations in his spiritual life.
It seems to me that it ought to be possible for me to live
habitually on a high plane of fellowship with God
2 There was the matter of 'failure' before besetting or
habitual sins. Despite earnest prayer for deliverance, abi-
ding victory had not been his experience.
3 He was conscious of lack in the matter of a dynamic,
convincing spiritual power that would change the lives
of others.'

'About a year before, I had begun to notice that certain men,
who were conspicuously blessed in their Christian service,
had a Christ consciousness that I did not that was
beyond, bigger, and deeper than any thought of Christ I had
every had. I rebelled at the suggestion, when it first came to
me. "How could anyone have a better idea of Christ that I?
Did I not believe in Christ and worship Him as the Son of
God and one with God? Had I not accepted Him as my per-
sonal Savior twenty years ago? Did I not believe that eternal
life was in Him alone? Was I not trying to live in His service,
giving my whole life to Him? Did I not ask for His help and
guidance constantly, and believe that in Him was my only
hope? I was doing all this. How could a higher or better con-
captain of Christ than mine was possible."'

Reader, what does it mean to be 'dead unto sin; alive unto 
God?' Well, in the latter part of Trumbull's life this is what
was said: 'Those who knew Dr Trumbull in his late years
remember him as a buoyant, joyous, earnest, unassuming,
Spirit-filled Christian, journalist and leader. He understood
that the life that abides in Christ and draws all of its resour-
ces from the risen Savior was a wonderful reality that he

Trumbull gave this testimony in 1911:
'There is only one life that wins; and that life is in Christ.
Every person may have this life; every person can live this

I do not mean that everyone may be Christ-like, I mean 
something much better.
I do not mean that a person may always have Christ's help,
I mean something much better.
I do not mean that a person may have the power of Christ,
I mean something much better.
I do not mean that a person shall be merely saved from his
sins and kept from sinning; I mean something better than
that victory.'

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