Tuesday, November 14, 2017

His Life In Us

There is a life that wins: and that life is the life of
Jesus Christ: and that it may be our life for the ask-
ing, if we let Him--in absolute, unconditional sur-
render of ourselves to Him, our wills to His will,
making Him the Master of our lives as well as our
Savior--enter in, occupy us, overwhelm us with
Himself, yea, fill us with Himself 'unto all the full-
ness of God.'

What has the result been? Did this experience give
me only a new intellectual conception of Christ? No!
It meant a revolutionized, fundamentally changed life,
within and without. 'If any man be in Christ, there 
is a new creation.' This does not mean he can't sin
again. The life that is Christ still leaves us our free
will, we can resist Him. But I have learned that the
restoration after failure can be supernaturally blessed,
instantaneous, and complete. I have learned that this
freedom is sustained and unbroken as I simply recog-
nize that Christ is my cleansing, reigning life.

My three great needs have been met:

1 There has been a fellowship with God utterly differ-
ing from and infinitely better than anything I had ever
known in all my life before.

2 There has been an utterly new kind of victory, victory-
by-freedom, over certain besetting sins (the old ones
that used to throttle and wreck me) when I have trusted
Christ for this freedom.

3 And, lastly, the spiritual results in service have given
me such a sharing of the joy of Heaven as I never knew
was possible on earth. Christ through me brought six
dear friends into a revolutionized life in Him. Life fairly
teems with the miraclulous evidences of what Christ is
willing and able to do for others through anyone who
just turns over the keys to His complete indwelling.

The conditions of receiving Christ as the fullness of life
are simple two:

1 Surrender absolutely and unconditionally to Christ
as Master of all that we are and all that we have, telling
God we are now ready to have His whole will done in
our entire life, at every point, no matter what the costs.

2 Believe, trust, that God has set us wholly free from
the law of sin (Rom 8:2) that He has done it. Upon this
second step, the quiet act of faith is layered. Faith must
believe God in entire absence of any feeling or evi-
dence. For God's word is safer, better, and surer than
any evidence we can discover. We are to say, 'I know
that my Lord Jesus is meeting all my needs now (even
my need of faith), because 'His grace is sufficient for

Remember that Christ is better than any blessing,
power, victory, or service that He grants. He is God's
best. We may have Christ, yielding to Him in such
completeness and abandonment of self that it is no
longer we that live,
but Christ that lives in us.
Will you thus take Him?
Charles G Trumbull from Victory in Christ

Here are some wonderful scriptures to ponder:
John 15
Galatians 2:20
Ephesians 3:14-21
Philippians 1:21

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