Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Softly Closing Door

For everything there is a season. Ecc 3:1

Yesterday a door closed softly. David, Sarah and Noah
left to board a plane as they headed to Belgium, David's
family and Christmas. They have lived with us for the
past four months. Overall we have blended well to-
gether. BUT, suddenly the sounds of a six year old at
play and the long dinners together--not to mention the
games in the evening,-- are over. In the sadness of their
leaving comes a joyful satisfaction and gratefulness for
the unbroken unity we had together. Yes, it is far too
quiet, Sarah did not walk with her Dad and our dog to-
day at 8AM, nor did a sleepy Noah give me a warm hug.
The time went by so fast. They plan to live in Europe
for a few years, where a big family is waiting to em-
brace them. It will be David's first Christmas with his
family in 17 years!

The last week has been intense. On Thursday the 14th
of December David became a US citizen. Friends flew
in for the festivities and our beds were full. On Saturday
evening we celebrated with a big party, the highlight be-
ing a fire work display with music that David put to-
gether. It was pretty awesome as we heard 'Im Glad to
Be an American' and 'God Bless America' timed with
the sound of the fire crackers. Oh, did I mention that
David left on the 14th, right after the swearing in to fly
to Seattle where he could obtain a passport in one day?

So, why are they leaving? They want Noah to get to
know his cousins, the culture and the language and there
are some business opportunities for David. We are pray-
ing for a place to live, and for Sarah to learn the lan-
guage quickly. She and Noah have been studying Dutch
on Rosetta Stone. Noah is outgoing and has no problem
with mistakes! He will be in first grade.

Reader, I can understand why God has had me in the
book, Victory in Christ. I need to give thanks for the past
months and walk forward in Christ and in His victory.
Yes, a door has closed but all eternity stretches out be-
fore us with a wide open door ahead.  


Sabine Vlaming said...

Most beautiful and heartfelt, dear Jane!
Yes, you embody His victory. Praise the Lord, Sabine

Glen/Dad/Grandpa said...

I couldn't help thinking of them when I went to the bunkhouse and remembered the meals, often with my Mom, then the doing dishes with Sarah afterwards. Also the morning walks, despite the frequent pauses caused by the dog! But we look forward to what God will do next in their lives in the next season.

Corene said...

I have been thinking about you daily with their departure having been posted on FB. May the peace and grace of Christ enfold you i His mercy.