Monday, December 11, 2017

Heavy Seas

He has given his very great and precious promises. 2 Peter 1:4

When a shipbuilder erects a boat, does he do so only to keep it 
on the scaffolding? No, he builds it to sail the seas and to weather 
the storms. In fact, if he does not think of strong winds and hurri-
canes as he build it, he is a poor shipbuilder.

In the same way, when God made you a believer, He meant to 
test you. And when He gave you promises and asked you to trust 
them, He made His promises suitable for times of storms and 
high seas. Do you believe that some of His promises are counter-
feit, similar to a life vest that looks good in the store but is of no 
use in the sea?

We have all seen swords that are beautiful but are useless in war, 
or shoes made for decoration, but not for walking. Yet God's shoes 
are made of iron and brass, and we can walk all the way to hea-
ven, without wearing them out. And we could swim the Atlantic 
a thousand times in His life vest, with no fear of ever sinking. His 
Word of promise is meant to be tried and tested. 

There is nothing Christ dislikes more than for HIS people to pub-
locally profess Him and then not use Him. He loves for us to make
use of Him, for His covenant blessings are not simply meant to be
looked at but should be appropriated. Our Lord Jesus has been 
given to us for our present use. Are you making use of Him as you

O beloved, I plead with you not to treat God's promises as some-
thing to be displayed in a museum but to use them as everyday
sources of comfort. And whenever you have a time of need, trust
the Lord.  Charles H Spurgeon

Go to the depths of God's promise,
And claim whatsoever you will;
The blessings of God will not fail you,
His Word will surely fulfill.  Anonymous

How can God say no to something He has promised?

Reader, there is such joy in trusting our Savior, the all sufficient
One, Sovereign, all powerful, Creator of the heavens and the
earth. How can we lose?
He lives in us and is for us!

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