Monday, December 4, 2017

Perils and Pitfalls

The following contains the various pitfalls we can encounter
in living a victorious life in Him. It is the last of this topic
from the little book, Victory in Christ. I am so impressed by
the contents that I am giving it to friends this Christmas.

Two perils are presented in the last chapter of our book:
our supposing on the one hand, that the longer we continue 
in victory, the safer we are; on the other hand, that if we sin 
we have broken our victory, and are weaker and less certain 
of continued victory. However, the victory is not relative, 
not a matter of degree. It is the freedom with which 
"the Son sets men free." John 8:36. 
It is not that we are given "sinless perfection." We always 
have the flesh and can fall into self, into sin, any moment 
that we fail to trust Christ for His victory in us.

If Satan cannot tempt us in one area he will go to the next. 
He will push us to go further than God is asking, get us into 
asceticism, or push us into following a pattern that God has 
given us in the past, but which may not be what God wants 
in the present. We may get the mistaken idea that when we 
have a choice between something hard and something easy, 
the hard thing is always God's will. God's leadings never 
nag, worry or harass. Satan's suggestions do. 
"Beloved, believe not every spirit, 
but prove the spirits, 
whether they are of God." 
1 John 4:1. 

Do not depend on experiences. God wants us to trust, not in 
supernatural experiences, but in Himself. It is so easy to trust 
in our feelings and to look at how we are trusting when joy 
flows. Spurgeon said this: 
"I looked at Jesus, and the dove of peace flew into my heart. 
I looked at the dove of peace, and she flew away."

Then there is the peril of pride. Almost without realizing it 
the Christian can have condescending thoughts and speak
negatively regarding a fellow Christian. It is easy to forget 
that victory only comes in Christ. We as Christians can be-
come unteachable with hearts closed to counsel. May God 
deliver us from this subtle danger of unwillingness to learn 
from others. He is our humility...
Charles G Trumbull

"Amid all these things we are more than conquerors 
through him who has loved us," and "To God be the
thanks who in Christ ever heads our triumphal pro-
cession, and by our hands waves in every place that
sweet incense, the knowledge of him. "
Weymouth, Rom 8:37, 2 Cor 2:14

Reader, thus ends the topic, for now, on victory in Christ.
The book can be found at Christian Book Distributers--
CBD. The writers of the 19th century, early twentieth cen-
tury have something that I don't find in most books of to-
day. My desire is to be part of the Church of Philadelphia
instead of the Church of Laodicea. Jesus told this church
that it was:
"Wretched, poor, pitiable, blind and naked...
Those whom love, I reprove and discipline, 
so be zealous and repent... (Turn around)
The one who conquers, 
I will grant him to sit with me on my throne, 
as I also conquered 
and sat down with my Father on his throne. 
He who has an ear, 
let him hear 
what the Spirit says to the churches." 
(Revelation 3)

Dearest reader, the hour is late--look at the headlines--.
Take a ball of twine and color the tip black or red, then
pull it out until there is a pile of string around your feet.
The tip is your life here--
and then comes forever.
It is time to get serious!

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