Wednesday, August 24, 2016

An Exciting Time

Most early church Fathers believed in the following: the
apostasy, rapture, the anti-christ, building of the third temple,
great tribulation, the second coming, and the Millennium.
What did they believe about the timing? They tied it into the
six day creation with each day equal to 1,000 years. We live
at the end of 6,000 years.

The Jews were scattered in 135 AD and were not regathered
to become a nation until 1948. This is no light thing, has never
happened, but was predicted in Isaiah 66:8.

God likens Israel to a fig tree. Jesus told his disciples that the
generation which saw the fig tree blossom would still be alive
at the end of the age. Moses nailed down a generation in Ps 90
to 70 or 80 years. It has been 68 years.

Right now two things are happening in the church in regards
to prophecy: it is completely ignored or there is heated

Now that is the introduction of the blog today!

In Genesis God said on the fourth day: 'Let there be lights
in the expanse of the heavens...let them be for signs and for
seasons, for days and for years.'

Ps 19 is a beautiful psalm that declares God's glory and talks
about how so much can be seen, and understood by watching
the night sky. Before technology men spent their evenings
watching the heavens above them. They could identify the
major constellations and read the stories God placed there.
The Wise Men were watching for the star that would proclaim
the King's birth. In the past year or so the 'Bethlehem sign' has
appeared in the sky twice, and is about to appear for the third

You see, reader, for a few months now a story has been
unfolding above our heads. By the weekend these particular
celestial signs will no longer be there. The following video
gives a beautiful presentation of what is coming together in
the heavens right now!

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