Friday, May 6, 2016

Immeasurable Greatness

We now move into the last request of Paul's prayer in Eph 1:

...and to KNOW "what is the immeasurable greatness of 
his power toward us who believe--
resurrection power!

Immeasurable power obviously cannot be measured! That
power dwells within every Christian. I have been pondering
on what this power is for, and why we need this. The
consensus of the women who met yesterday was that we
cannot live the Christian life without it. It takes power, His
power, to forgive; let go of bitterness; to believe in God's
goodness when life dishes up pain and loss. It takes great
power to surrender to Him when everything in you wants to

A question for me for many years was, when do I resist and
when do I surrender? It is very simple--we resist the lies of
Satan regarding our position in Christ which does not depend
on our behavior. We may fail, but we are not failures. We
surrender to our lovely Jesus in the difficult situations of life.
Are you with me, reader? Surrender is not for the faint-
hearted. It takes power to endure, to be faithful, to love the

Well, reader, as usual, God uses my blogs to give me His
perspective and to avail myself of His power. May you pray
this prayer over yourself and your loved ones and see how
God will enlarge your heart.

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