Monday, November 16, 2015

This Day

A poem was sent to me by a friend who doesn't write
poetry. Enjoy!

This Day

I lift this day to You, Lord...
Not knowing what it brings;
Will there be mountains to climb, 
         or rivers to ford?
Will I be earthbound or have wings?

Will I choose to be a blessing
And stop to listen for a while?
Will Your love glow from within me?
Will I go the extra mile?

Will my family know they are cherished
And live securely in my heart?
Will I give love in which to flourish
Which will be remembered when I depart?

Will I listen for Your Spirit...
To comfort and to lead?
Will I be cleansed by the blood
Of Your precious Son and Seed?

Will today I pause to praise You,
And worship at Your throne?
Will I acknowledge You, My Savior,
As king of hearth and home?

So, Lord, forgive my failings
And remind me of your love,
That is never changing, never ceasing;
Always shining from above.

When my day turns into night
And I close my eyes to sleep,
I will know I'm loved, forgiven
A Beloved one to keep.
Sandi Savell

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