Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Wild Ride

Three weeks ago we took off for California and parts
beyond. We spent one of those weeks driving the
2500 miles--in stages. The area between Nampa
Idaho and Winnemucka Nevada is a barren
unpopulated road that runs along the borders of Idaho
and Oregon. We carried our lunch but there were no
road side parks so we ate in a small cafe attached to
a gas station. We drove through miles and miles of
scorched earth, a reminder of the Soda Fire in August
that burned uncontrolled for days, blocking the only
convenient road to Reno.

While in California we visited many of our old
friends from MAI as well as family. We stayed with
my brother and his wife and their three dogs in
Oakdale and spent a pleasant time visiting with
Betsie's 97year old Mom never dreaming that it was
within the last two weeks of her life. So grateful for
the time we had with her. We had a delightful lunch
with our son, Michael and an evening with his
daughter and granddaughter, Sophia. Sophia is two
and was born with Spina Bifida. She gets around
surprisingly well using legs that the doctors said
would be useless! Thank you, Jesus.

We then took highway 99 to Palm Springs where we
spent a windy night. The next morning we found a
tree taking up the two parking places to the left of our
car!  The wind continued to blow across highway 10
along with dust storms as we drove into Arizona.

We arrived in sunshine that afternoon and settled into
the next ten days of the most beautiful weather--cool
nights and warm sunny days--all of them spent with our
daughter, son in law and grandson, Noah. Last summer
Noah was diagnosed with CIDP, a rare disease that
strips the nerves in hands and feet. It happened slowly
and presented itself on the fourth of July in Weiser.
Fortunately the treatment and his age combine
together for an expected complete recovery. It will
take a year. In the meantime he is symptoms free. He
spent much of the time with his Grampy at the new
park and they played football in the living room. I
found myself drinking it all in and thanking God for
medicine and this four year old who is only quiet
when sleeping!

After a fun filled, food filled time--David is a chef--
with our Arizona family, we headed for home. We
took highway 93 to Las Vegas, got side tracked into
a national park that contained parts of Lake Mead--a
lovely mistake that put us into Saint George some
time after the dark through steep canyons. I wish it
had been daylight for glimpses of the canyon walls
were beautiful! We were not far from Bryce Canyon.

The next day we took off into Southern Utah. I did
not know it was mountainous and we did not get a
road report. Not good. Soon after hitting the road we
climbed to 5500 feet in rain at 37 degrees. The highway
continued up and the temperature continued down. At
34 degrees we hit sleet, snow and fog. It was not just
one pass but mountain pass after mountain pass with
no towns or gas stations anywhere. We did find quite
a few chain up areas. Our problem was that we had not
thought to bring chains or winter clothes! We left for
for the trip in October. Then Glen cleaned his glasses
and the frame broke! It was three hours before the road
led us down into Provo and lots of traffic. I was so
grateful for civilization and rain!

We continued into Idaho as the sun was setting. The
sky was black with clouds but the horizon was dotted
with flame colored mountains. God's glory at the end
of the storm. It was stunning and lasted a long time--
enough time for me to relax my grip and to give thanks
to God for his protection and presence throughout our

"God is our refuge and strength,
a very present help in trouble.
Therefore, we will not fear..."
(Ps 46:1,2)

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