Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Great Read

Not long after 9/11 a number of novels were written
having to do with these events. However, one book,
The Last Jihad, caught many by surprise. The author,
Joel Rosenberg, had started the book before the day
planes took down the towers. It shook him so much
that it was nine months before he finished it and got
the book published. Rosenberg searches the scriptures
to see what sort of things are next on God's prophetic
calendar. I think it was in his second book that he wrote
of the discovery of oil and gas off the coast of Israel.
The head of a particular company picked up the novel
just before catching the plane back home. He was
stunned to find the hidden secrets plainly marked out
in this book. He knew the author could not have been
aware of what had been discovered. He gave out copies
of the novel to those who worked in the company.

Joel's books are fast paced and hard to put down. I
would recommend a quick look in the local bookstore
as most of his novels have been best sellers. Think
Tom Clancy...

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