Wednesday, November 4, 2015

He Loves

"Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it."
(Ephesians 5:25)

The Lord thinks everything of the Church. The circle of
His interests all center there in this present day. 'He loved
it and gave Himself for it,' and He is engaged in active
service on high today on behalf of it; and He is going to
take it to glory to be with Himself soon, and then bring
back and display it in all the brightness ad splendor of His
own glory with which He will adorn it, when it will shine
forth as the Holy City, New Jerusalem, having the glory of
God--the Bride, the Lamb's wife.

 It is an immense thing, for our souls to get hold of that,
and to find ourselves in the power of it.

Especially is it needful for those who are young in the ways
of the Lord. It is a great thing for us all to see that the
affections of the Lord's heart flow out at the present time to
His Church and not to the world.
William Easton 1850-1926

Oh, reader, read it again, then again. Soon, the Lord Jesus
is going to take His church, His Bride, to be with Him
and then to display her in all the brightness and splendor
of His glory. I know that the words and sentence structure
are odd, but the meaning is the biggest hope we have!
Do not think that things will not change, that Christ is
not coming in our time. He is at the very door. My heart
leaps for joy!

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