Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week One; Day One

What is this? Well, yesterday I was dry with nothing
to share. I breathed a prayer, "Help!" Today I opened
to Day One of the Beth Moore study in 1st and 2nd
Thessalonians. Am now so full I don't know where to

Paul is writing to those "who are in God the Father and 
the Lord Jesus Christ." In Christ. This is what set them
apart from all the others who dwelt in that city.

In John 17:20 Jesus utters a heartfelt 'prayer for his
disciples and for those who would believe in Him
through their words.' Paul was one for whom Jesus
prayed and was in Thessaloniki for only three weeks.
Here is where it gets exciting. The descendants of
those believers are alive and well today. Not long ago
five hundred or so gathered together to worship in three
languages: "Christ Alone My Cornerstone" At the end
of that service 60 came forward with melted hearts to
receive Jesus, everyone of them an answer to the prayer
of Jesus two thousand years ago.

Reader, Jesus prayed for all who would come to Him.
You, dear sister, brother, are a shining result of that prayer!
You are unique; you are special; you are His.

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