Wednesday, June 24, 2015

These Believers

I have been thinking about the time frame of the
birth of the Thessalonian Church. If Paul preached
three Saturdays in the Synagogue, then he was only
present for two weeks before getting thrown out.
This body of believers was made up of Jews,
devout Greeks, leading women, but the bulk
were from the slave class. How long does it take
to both introduce Christ and disciple them? My
guess is that Paul was in the city for at least two
months. God never left him anywhere, except
Ephesus, more than four months. It is amazing to
me is that this small church plant made up of such
a diversity of saints, was so united that they were
able to sustain and grow under much affliction
and become:

"An example to all the believers in Macedonia
and Achcia...your faith in God has gone forth
everywhere, so that we need not say anything."

The Thessalonians had such a grasp on what it
means to live Christ that they were an example to
all the churches in that area. Persecution of the
Saints never stopped, but fueled their passion.

Oh, God, would that we the church in America
would be filled by You and known for our joy,
godliness and perseverance.
Revive us, Oh Lord!

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