Thursday, June 11, 2015

Revive Us, O God!

I woke up with the words:
"Let nothing come between you and your God."
It rolled around in my head as I came to and
then came the song, "Lead me to the cross."

I have been wandering in the wilderness of self.
The nine days of prayer for revival has punched
a welcome hole into that hideous thing called me.
Ann Graham Lotz said to draw a circle around
ourselves for that is where revival must begin.
The call of "Mayday Mayday" has not stopped
with that ninth day. Whether we know it or not,
we are in desperate need to know the God of
power and glory. Oh, God, have mercy...

"Come, restore us. Let your face shine, that 
we may be saved." (Ps 84:3,7,19)

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