Monday, November 11, 2013


I came back from Arizona and then four days later
we moved to Idaho. We don't have access to the
internet and our e-mail server canceled our service
the day we moved--by mistake. So, I don't have
the ability to access my mail, which is not moving
either way, anyway. I am at McDonald's today to
work on my blog and discovered that my last post
never posted.

Not much else is moving. We have changed places
but things that should be in place hang in limbo. Our
house has not sold, lots of lookers. So much seems 
to hang on that sale.

But, am I really unplugged? God says that He will
never leave me nor forsake me. He is providing us
shelter, food, and a wonderful mother-in-law, who,
can run circles around me. She is almost 90!

And the gifts, so many gifts. An early morning sunrise
reveals the mist on the river, highlights the gold along
the shore and outlines the fog between the hills beyond.
A setting sun flashes color into the clouds turning
everything a brilliant pink. The dog does a flip into the
leaves as he dives for his ball. New faces among the old
at church on Sunday. I see God's hand of mercy in so
many ways--if I take the time to really look.

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