Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, a day
for being grateful. I notice that in the last few decades
"Thanksgiving Day" has given way to "Bargain Day"
in preparation for "Christmas Day." The very word,
"thanksgiving," implies dependency, humility,
acknowledgement of God. It is an old fashioned
word, isn't it? Victorian, out of date, a "lets move on,"
kind of word.

Gratefulness means "a state of being grateful." Lots
of things have not gone my way lately. Little things
that eat away at the vine of thanksgiving, and the
state of gratefulness. It helps to have space on this
day before Thanksgiving Day, to recognize what is
taking place in me, to confess it, to acknowledge
that God is directing every little thing, is at the
center of everything--even my failures. "He works
all thing for good," but I can't see the big picture.
I need His perspective on the events of life.

The Psalmist cries:
"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good:
For His mercy endures forever!" 

Have a joy filled Thanksgiving Day!

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