Tuesday, November 12, 2013


It was early morning as I glanced out of the
window. I could see nothing of the river or
beyond. Fog, thick fog covered everything.
As I watched, the scene began to unfold. The
trees on the bank turned gold, then I could see
a bit of water flowing. This was followed by
the outline of the island and finally the trees
beyond the river came into view. They were
there all the time but were obscured.

We find ourselves in fog. We know we are to
be here. God has made that very clear. But the
next step is fuzzy and the rest is obscured. Do
we really need two cars? Maybe we should
rent and see. Do we buy or rent a house? We
begin this part of the journey today, knowing
that God has laid it all out ahead of time and
He will unfold His plan as we walk forward
one step at a time.

Glen and I are at the library working on our
computer "stuff." He sits across the room in
a chair and I hear someone say to him, "Well,
Professor Reeves..." Who is this? Was it
someone he knew from years ago, or someone
he met yesterday at the Senior Center? I find
myself smiling.


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