Friday, November 15, 2013

Morning Has Broken!

The sun came up pink against the trees and the
river. No fog today. In the last few intense days,
we "found" the perfect place for us to live in
this season of our lives. It is not in town but
out about five miles on what is called "the flats."
We had spent the better part of the week looking
for a house to buy knowing that there was
nothing to rent. Two days ago I called the Rental
Agent that I had been working with back in
September. "Oh," she says, "I have a rental that
has just come up. It will go fast. Do you want
to look at it?" So, late Wednesday, we drove
out and walked through a house in progress. It
will be finished about December 1. It is a two
story 100 year old farm house nestled within farm
land with a spectacular view of the low hills
beyond. This house had been rented two months
ago and then the prospective renter decided not
to move in. I called just as the property went into
the paper. Here is the real kicker. The house and
land around the house is owned by Glen's cousin
and her husband who is the farmer! We are thrilled
and they are thrilled. I had a walk through this
morning and will be putting some pictures on
Face Book.

Dear Reader, do you not see the hand of God in
this? He has been working through the days of fog,
but now morning has broken. Praise His Name!

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