Monday, October 14, 2013


I am amazed at how God has given just what we
need at every turning point in this move. A neighbor
came over to look at a chair we were selling and
made suggestions for re-arranging the furniture in
the living room. Perfect! Another neighbor spent
four hours with me on Saturday. I bought two
arm loads of flowers and then Diane made them
into seven bouquets of beauty. I wielded the knife;
Diane placed the flowers in vases of all shapes and
sizes. The most complicated one turned out to be
getting the roses to stand up in the teapot! Sunday
afternoon was the "open house," and we were
invited by a friend to watch football. I fell asleep
on her couch.

If I were not watching for gifts from my heavenly
Dad, would I have noticed His generosity through
others? I wonder...?

"Every blessing He pours out,
I'll turn into praise!"

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