Saturday, October 5, 2013

Changes Coming

About two weeks ago we decided it was time to put
our house on the market and move, but we did not
know where. We knew that we would make this change
in the next year but had no idea it would spring upon
us so soon. When we returned from vacation Glen went
to the office but found nothing to do. Then both of his
bosses went on vacation and still Glen did not have an
assignment. He had spoken to them about becoming an
"occasional" employee beginning in January, but what
if work dried up before that and we were faced with a
move during the holiday season? With that we contacted
a realtor and he said that prices are going up and the
buyers are out there. His last words were, "the sooner,
the better." We set the date for October 12. It has been
a whirlwind of activity since then. The painter, doctor
appointments, throw away, give away, AND something
called, "staging." I call it "inconvenient and expensive."
People are looking for houses that would find their way
into Home and Gardens. The garden we have, and a
lake, but the inside has to have uncluttered closets, and
non-discript pictures, open rooms. It has to look inviting,
but with class. We could be gone by the first of November
and many of our friends have no idea we are moving!

Last Sunday, as I was taking my third nap, I heard the
words, "You have stayed here long enough, now go--in
the power of my strength. It will not be easy but I will
be with you. Now go." It is based on Deuteronomy 1:6.
I had not been in that verse for several years. What a relief
to know that this is not something we have cooked up on
our own. God is leading. He has done this before, Abraham
for one. One long time friend wrote a note to say, "this must
be of God. He works this way in your life"

In the next blog I will tell you where we will end up...


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was quick! Good luck with everything Jane. Will keep you guys in our prayers. -shalini

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an adventure the military trained you for! Looking forward to the next update. And wondering how the shutdown has impacted you and your plans. -- Linda