Thursday, October 10, 2013


It has been an intense struggle as to our destination
because we have family strung out over the West.
We have moved many times over our married life
and the only place of real stability and the sense of
"coming home," was Weiser--pronounced "geezer,"
which is fitting I suppose. Glen attended the same
one room school as his Mom, except the plumbing
had moved inside! Ruth, his mother has lived on
the Snake River for over 40 years. Our kids played
on the pool table when they were growing up and now
our grandson was doing the same last summer. Ruth
is an active 89 year old, soon to be 90, and is a joy to
be around. She still plays piano at church once a month.
Our desire is to become snow birds and winter in

But, right now, our house is on the market which is
somewhat amazing because we only started getting
the house ready two weeks ago. I want the house to
sell, get our goods picked up and drive out before the
winter storms-- which are all ready happening. It is
hard for me "To be still and know that I am God."
Both parts of it a somewhat of a challenge. This is not
the first time we have moved quickly and you will find
the details on the story page entitled, Moving, Military Style. 
The "C" in my middle name must stand for "change."
Changes increase as I get older, and that increases my
dependency on the One who loves me best.


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