Monday, September 9, 2013

Our Crazy Trip!

The first of September found us hitting the road on our
way to Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky? Now which was it?
Always check a map and distance BEFORE setting out.
I thought we were going to Columbus, but Glen got an
e-mail saying that we were booked into a hotel in Indiana!
Our destination was The Creation Museum in Kentucky.
Our plan was to leave on Monday, tour the museum on
Tuesday and Wednesday and then head back home on
Thursday so Glen could finish a huge project due that week.
Our anniversary was on Thursday the 5th. By now, are you
totally confused? Instead of a six to seven hour trip, we were
looking at a nine to ten hour trip so we decided to leave on
Sunday and make Thursday a long day.

Sunday we drove three and half hours and then checked
into the lodge at Wisp mountain located in Deep Creek, MD,
where we had celebrated our anniversary back in the nineties.
There was a delicious restaurant waiting for us, whose name
we had forgotten. (The whole landscape had changed since the
nineties.) We looked and found what we thought was the right
place, but certain things did not add up. The door was on the front
side, up two flights of stairs, and the menu seemed odd, but we
were very hungry having missed lunch. When we left, after
not so good food, we walked around the next building, and
there it was!

The trip the following day ended up being more like eight
hours instead of five. It turns out that Lawrenceburg, IN was
only eight minutes from our destination in Kentucky and we
used the beltway around Cincinnati to get there! So, we had
landed where three states touch.

I hate to leave you hanging, but today's blog is long enough
and there is so much to tell!

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