Thursday, January 31, 2013

Job's Wife

In the second chapter we again discover that God initiates--yes, in the area of suffering--
and Job is the recipient, and, he has no idea why. God gives Satan permission to touch 
Job’s body and the result is not pretty. He is covered in oozing scabs which itch. He takes 
himself outside to the garbage dump, sits in the ashes, and scrapes his skin. It could not 
be worse. Really? In comes his wife.

“Still holding on to your precious integrity, are you? Curse God and be done with it.”

There have been many who have put down Job’s wife, but my heart goes out to her. 
In a relatively short time she has lost her wealth, prestige, and all ten of her children--
just because she married the wrong man!? Maybe it was the sight of him sitting in the 
garbage covered with ugly sores that put her over the edge. I wonder if Job’s wife moved 
in with her mother at this time. She is not mentioned until the last chapter and then it is by 
inference. I would hope she stayed and listened to the conversations going on behind the 
door. Well, the story is not about her, but she was a real person with real feelings who 
needed to find God for herself.

Papa, we wives are wedded to the things that impact our husbands, decisions they make. 
It is not so easy at times. That is an understatement for most of us in the course of 
marriage! However, personally, I have to go back to who You are and then see things 
from Your perspective. It is not always easy to do. Takes time. Lots of time. Fortunately, 
You are not in a rush for me to come to a place of peace and a new understanding of 
your sovereignty, and the promise that “you work all things together for good.” That good 
can be a deeper appreciation of You, my beloved Papa. Even though it is not recorded, 
I believe You did something beautiful in the heart of Job’s wife as well as in the heart of Job.

Take time to worship with Hillsong.

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