Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Lord is God!

In the verses of yesterday I notice a few more things:
  • Satan not only has access to heaven but comes into the very throne room of God.
  • Satan can only touch us by God’s permission. He is not God.
  • Satan believes that the relationship between the Creator and his children is tenuous at best. 
  • After all, Adam and Eve fell like an apple from a tree.
  • Satan spends his time poking his nose into things on earth as he roams around.
I find myself looking at my arch enemy as my mind flits to issues in my own life. 
I look at events in the world, and the pain in the lives of my family and friends. 
God has a purpose in every detail. I can’t see behind the curtain and I am limited 
because I see events from the perspective of time alone. Unless, unless, I take 
the time to ponder eternity which is not bound by time. In my imagination “I see” 
God seated on His throne, surrounded by angels. Then I wonder how Satan 
can endure the glory, the purity of God for even one second. (See Isaiah 6:1-6 
for a word picture of what it was like for Isaiah to be transported into that very throne room.)                   

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