Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It Happened So Fast!

We spent a lovely time over the Holidays with dear friends in Tennessee. 
We set aside this week to catch up on all those little projects--like getting 
the Christmas letter written. On Monday we went on a long walk with Jake,
our miniature Aussie, who weighs in at 18 pounds. The walk included playing 
ball in the park that backs up to a housing area. A door opened and out came 
two Great Danes. Just as quickly Jake dropped the ball and headed for their fence. 
They sure looked like cattle to him! He found a low place under the fence and 
in he went. I could not believe my eyes as I watched him disappear. Glen ran over 
and managed to lift up the fence enough to see Jake lying on his back shivering 
with terror as one of the Great Danes towered over him. Glen called to Jake and 
the dog jumped up and ran past him, a mass of trembling jelly. We could not see 
any blood and we were able to walk him home, but left for the emergency room as
we noticed blood on his paw. He barely escaped with his life. There was a bite 
on his neck and multiple bites into his abdomen and back. He went into surgery 
late that afternoon and three hours later we learned that no serious damage was 
done to organs or bones or blood vessels. He came home yesterday afternoon 
and is comfortably sleeping in a borrowed kennel even as I write.

I am still incredulous. How can life change so quickly? A healthy dog one minute 
is reduced to the point of death the next, at the park, on a beautiful winter morning. 

We never know, do we, what a day will bring forth, but we do know who holds 
the future, and His Name is Jesus. I am so grateful that He is also sovereign 
in the affairs of men--and dogs. 
Don’t tell me that dogs don’t have angels watching over them!


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