Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I  just returned from a long weekend with my dear friend, Sandi,
who lives in South Carolina now. We have known each other for
twenty years during which each of us has experienced both
tremendous joy and deep suffering. Long ago we decided to love 
each other no matter what took place between us. 

We had a wonderful time. We took our breakfast in the screened 
in area at the back of the house and also the front porch--for variety . 
Sandi puts together both color and comfort. From there we explored 
the charming downtown area of Aiken; the shopping mall in Augusta; 
Starbucks of course; and so much more. We spent evenings watching 
the second PBS series, Downton Abbey. And, oh yes, did we talk! We 
never seem to run out of words when together. Fortunately our men 
were busy elsewhere.

I am so grateful for my friends; love the variety. I find that with my
Christian friends especially, we can pick up where we left off even
after many years of separation. So, today I celebrate my friends and
give thanks to Papa for the richness of life.  

Sandi has contributed to my story page. See her two stories,
The Barren Woman’s Song, and Mimi.

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