Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to Coffee

What does being a “new creation,” with old things passing away and 
new things appearing, have to do with coffee?

An itinerant Missionary was speaking in a church somewhere overseas 
in the middle of nowhere. He asked the Pastor to stand up and then said,

“This man knows I love coffee, can’t do without coffee, but I have been at 
his house for the past three days and he has not offered me a single cup 
of coffee. Is that not true?” said Mike looking at the Pastor who was red in
the face and looking down at the floor. He nodded.

“However,” continued Mike, “When I arrived at his house I told him that
I had brought my own coffee and he was not to offer me any coffee. So,
it is TRUE by all outward appearances that your Pastor has neglected to
show hospitality, but the TRUTH is an entirely different matter.”

So dear reader, it is true that you may not feel like a Christian or act like a
Christian but the truth is that if you are “in Christ” you ARE a new creation.
Decision time: Are you going to look at yourself and how you measure up 
and pattern your life out of these observations, or are you going to believe
what God says about you and live from His perspective?

Believing God’s truth has brought a fundamental change in how I live!

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