Monday, August 20, 2012

A Stunning Surprise!

Saturday afternoon Glen said to me, "I am taking you out for your
birthday dinner tonight so wear something nice. We will leave at 5:30."

Now my birthday was in July and at the time Glen had promised me a
surprise, but that was six weeks ago.

We set out for an unknown destination--just a tad late. The traffic
was heavy as we drove into Old Town Alexandria, VA, and
the first parking garage was full. But, by then I was pretty sure we
were going to The Chart House which sits on the Potomac River
and is one of my favorite restaurants. We headed upstairs into a
darkish room with full daylight streaming into the back windows.
I could see four people sitting at the table but I could not make out
who they were--until, I heard a familiar voice cry out, "surprise!"

I could not believe my eyes! My brother and his wife live in Lancaster, PA
and my cousin and his wife live in Boston, MA. Glen knew that I wanted
my 70th birthday to be all about family--and we did have a party in July
with our children and Glen's family in Weiser, ID--but I never dreamed
Glen would go to the extent of talking "distant" relatives into this. My brother
drove down from Lancaster and picked up my cousin who flew in. I can
understand why the Pennsylvanians were looking for a good meal, but the

My husband worked hard to make this happen.
My brother, cousin and their wives did their part.  Awesome!

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