Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Where You Stand

...the place you are standing is holy ground.
Exodus 3:5

I was chatting one day with a dear friend who asked me, 
"Have you ever heard about Nat's sandpile?" When I 
answered in the negative he told me this story.

Nat was a building contractor. It so happened that in his 
city was a huge sandpile. To everyone else but Nat it was 
merely an unsightly, worthless sandpile. But Nat had a 
vision about this sandpile. He saw that every truckload he 
sold would bring him a dollar. And when the sandpile was 
gone the leveled ground would make a fine site for a busi-
ness block. So Nat bought the sandpile.

As word spread, many of his friends laughed at the idea
of his buying a worthless sandpile. But soon Nat's vision
began to come true. Week after week he sold sand. Soon 
the sand was gone, the ground leveled off, replaced by
a handsome business block. Before the year was over, 
a good part of the wholesale trade of the city had moved
into that block, and soon after he sold out, making a lot
of money on the enterprise.

Friend, your life may be obscure, untalented, and as 
worthless in your sight as that sandpile. But if you will
treat the spot in everyday life, as holy ground and give
that life to God in consecration, God will make of it 
a beautiful structure enduring for His glory through all 
time and eternity.  James McConkey

Reader, God sees the treasure in each one of us. If we turn
the "sandpile" over to Him, He can make concrete! :)
Or something else that is lasting and valuable to Him and
to us. The place you are standing on right now is "holy

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