Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Line is Obliterated

"Therefore come out from them and be separate,"
says the Lord. "Touch no unclean thing, and I
will receive you. I will be a Father to you, and
you will be my sons and daughters," says the
Lord Almighty. 2 Cor 6:17,18

I do not believe that there is any doctrine more
needed today in the Christian church in America
than the doctrine of separation.

We have lost power because the line between the
church and the world has been almost obliterated.
A good many people profess Christianity, but their
profession does not mean much; the result is that
the world does not know what Christians really

For every unconverted man that reads the Bible, a
hundred read you and me; and if they see us hand-
in-glove with the ungodly they are not going to
have confidence in our professions...

I believe that the cause of Christ is suffering more
from this one thing than any other ten things put
together. God cannot give us power because we
are allied with the ungodly. The mirth that satisfies
the world will not satisfy the true child of God,
and yet how many of us are just looking to the
world for our pleasure. 
Dwight L Moody 1837-1899

Wow, reader, if it was bad two centuries ago, what
is the condition of the church today? We are adapt-
ing to the world instead of influencing the world. 

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