Monday, January 7, 2019

An Ointment Poured Forth

For we are unto God a sweet savor of Christ.
2 Corinthians 2:15

The savor of the good ointments of Christ may flow
out through the holy lives of His people. Every trait,
every perfection exhibited by Himself in His walk
through this world may be reproduced in those that
are His.

Look, for example, at the precepts and exhortations
of the epistles. Every one of them has been perfectly
exemplified in Christ; and unless this is remembered,
so that they may be associated with Himself as the 
living Word, they will become hard and legal obliga-

Christ in us, Christ our life, as set forth in Colossians,
is to be followed by the display of Christ through us,
in the power of the Holy Spirit. For this we need to 
be much in His company; for the more we are with
Him, the more we shall be transformed into His like-
ness, and the more certainly will the savor of His
good ointments be spread abroad. And this will be 
a mighty testimony to who He is; for in this case His
name will, through us, be as ointment poured forth;
the sweet savor of the name of Christ will flow forth
from our walk as well as from our words.
Edward Dennett

Reader, have you ever encountered someone who drew
you to themselves just by being there? I remember a
speaker at a conference who so drew me that I was able
to share a quandary with him without fear of being
shamed for speaking to him. He quietly waited on God
and said a few words that filled me with joy. It was ob-
vious that he spent time with His Lord. He honored me.
The next speaker to arrive was very good, but his man-
ner was hurried and harsh in comparison.

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