Wednesday, January 23, 2019

It is a Walk

They that wait upon the Lord...shall walk and not
faint. Isaiah 40:31

There is no thrill in walking; it is the test of all the sta-
ble qualities. To :Walk and not faint" is the highest
reach possible for strength. The word "walk" is used
in the Bible to express the character--"John looking
on Jesus as He walked, said, 'Behold the Lamb of
God!'" There is never anything abstract in the Bible,
it is always vivid and real. God does not say--"Be
spiritual," but--"Walk before Me."

When we are in an unhealthy state physically or emo-
tionally, we always want thrills. In the physical domain 
this will lead to counterfeiting the Holy Ghost; in the
emotional life it leads to inordinate affection and the 
destruction of morality; and in the spiritual domain if
we insist on getting thrills, on mounting up with wings,
it will end in the destruction of spirituality.

The reality of God's presence is not dependent on any
place, but only dependent upon the determination to set 
the Lord always before us. Our problems come when 
we refuse to bank on the reality of His presence. The ex-
perience the Psalmist speaks of--"Therefore will we not 
fear, though..." will be ours when one we are based on 
Reality, not the consciousness of God's presence but the 
reality of it--Why, He has been here all the time!

At critical moments it is necessary to ask guidance, but
it ought to be unnecessary to be saying always--"O 
Lord, direct me here, and there." Of course He will! If
our commonsense decisions are not His order, He will
press through them and check; then we must be quiet
and wait for the direction of His presence. 
Oswald Chambers

Reader, I so appreciate the final sentences. God has given
us understanding as to the normal day to day things. He
will let us know if we are getting off the track. Oh, yes,
He will let you know! The second thing I appreciate is
that life is not really a marathon, but a walk.

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