Monday, January 21, 2019

He Remains

You remain. Hebrews 1:11

There are so many people who sit by their fireplace
all alone! They sit by another chair, once filled, and
cannot restrain the tears that flow. They sit alone so
much, but there is someone who is unseen and just
within reach. But for some reason, they don't realize
His presence. Realizing it is blessed yet quite rare. 
It is dependent upon their mood, their feelings, their
physical condition, and the weather. The rain or thick
fog outside, the lack of sleep and the intense pain, 
seem to affect their mood and blur their vision, so
they do not realize His presence...So recognize the
presence of the Master. He is here, close to you, and
His presence is real. More so, the truth is a presence,
not a thing, a fact, or statement. Some One is present,
and He is a warmhearted Friend and the all-powerful
Lord. This is a joyful truth for weeping hearts every-
where, no matter the reason for the tears, or whatever 
stream their weeping willow is planted beside.
Samuel Dickey Gordon 

Reader, many of you are discouraged, lonely, and close
to despair. But near to you, in you, is a Presence who is
for you, regardless of what you feel, your lack of faith,
your faithlessness. He declares that He will NEVER
leave you nor FORSAKE you. He remains true.

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