Tuesday, November 6, 2018

What is Needed

It is not in me. Job 28:14

I remember saying one summer, "What I really need
is a trip to the ocean." So I went to the beach, but the
ocean seemed to say, "It is not in me!" The ocean did
not do for me what I thought it would. Then I said,
"Perhaps the mountains will provide the rest I need."
I went to the mountains, and when I awoke the first
morning, I gazed at the magnificent mountain I had
longed to see. But the sight did not satisfy, and the
mountain said, "It is not in me!"

What I really needed was the deep ocean of God's
love, and the high mountain of His truth within me.
His wisdom had depths and heights that neither the
ocean nor the mountains could contain and that could
not be compared with jewels, gold, or precious stones.
Christ is wisdom and He is our deepest need. Our
inner restlessness can only be pacified by the revela-
tion of His eternal friendship and love for us.
Margaret Bottome

Reader, how often we look forward to some wonder-
ful event, and when it happens, it leaves us flat. As
a child I soon realized that the anticipation often out-
weighted the doing of it. True satisfaction is knowing
that "Christ is our deepest need."

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