Tuesday, November 13, 2018

By Faith Abraham Obeyed

By faith Abraham...obeyed and went, even though
he did not know where he was going.  Heb 11:8

This is faith without sight. Seeing is not faith but rea-
soning. When crossing the Atlantic by ship, I once
observed this very principle of faith. I saw no path
marked out in the sea, nor could I even see the shore.
Yet each day, we marked our progress on a chart as
if we had been following a giant chalk line across the
water. And when we came within sight of land on the
other side of the Atlantic, we knew exactly where we
were, as if we had been able to see it from 3,000 miles

How had our course been so precisely plotted? Every
day our captain had taken his instruments, looked to
the sky, and determined his course by the sun. He was
sailing using heavenly lights, not earthly ones.

Genuine faith also looks up and sails, by using God's
great Son. It never travels by seeing the shoreline,
earthly lighthouses, or paths along the way. And the
steps of faith often lead to total uncertainty or even
makes the darkest of midnight hours as bright as the
dawning of the day.

Let us move forth today, not knowing or seeing, but
trusting.   From Days of Heaven upon Earth

Jesus wondered that at His coming would He find
faith on the earth? Sometimes I wonder if we are
at that point. "Seeing is believing" in our culture.

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