Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Human Nature Fails Us

Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.
2 Corinthians 10:17

On this planet earth, since the cross, and not before, God is 
pleased to make His people to be His habitation. He came 
down in the person of Christ, but  Christ abode alone as far 
as the dwelling-place of God was concerned.

It is not because the New Testament saints are more worthy 
in themselves than those of old. He that knows himself and
redemption knows that such an idea is a fallacy and a false-
hood; he knows that human nature is good for nothing as be-
fore God; he knows that, in His presence, there is no question
of flesh, or what flesh can glory in. 

But this is not all; not only is there a Lord to glory in, but now 
we have actual redemption in Christ through His blood. How
does God estimate the precious blood of His Son? What does
He feel about those on whom that blood is put by faith--those
who are washed in it? Does He not as it were say, "I can come
now and take my place in their midst?" This is indeed one of
the precious characteristics of the church. William Kelly

Reader, human nature which is called "flesh" in the Bible, can-
not be redeemed, but we constantly look at how we are doing
to see if we are getting better. We, in ourselves, will never get
any better, but our redemption is never dependent on our ef-
forts but upon the redeeming blood of Christ, and the work of
the cross. Because of this I have become His dwelling place.
I can creep close into the down of His wings. He becomes my
place of rest. (Why do I wait until I am at my wits end?)

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