Monday, November 19, 2018

The Way of the Cross

It has been granted to suffer for him.
Phil 1:29

The world's finest china is fired in ovens at least three
times, and some many more. Dresden china is always
fired three times. Why is it forced to endure such in-
tense heat? Shouldn't once or twice be enough? No, it
is necessary to fire the china three times so the gold,
crimson, and other colors are brighter, more beautiful,
and permanently attached.

We are fashioned after the same principle. The human
trials of life are burned into us numerous times, and 
through God's grace, beautiful colors are formed in us
and made to shine forever. Cortland Myers

Reader, Oh, dear reader, all of what you are suffering
will be permanently etched into you and bring glory
to God through all of eternity.

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