Monday, November 26, 2018

Not Overwork, But Overflow

He saw the disciples straining at the oars. Mark 6:48

Straining and striving does not accomplish the work God
gives us to do. Only God Himself, who always works 
without stress and strain and who never overworks, can 
do the work He assigns to His children. When we rest-
fully trust Him to do it, the work will be completed and 
will be done well. And the way to let Him do His work
through us is to so fully abide in Christ by faith that He
fills us to overflowing.

A man who learned this secret once said, "I came to Je-
sus and drank, and I believe I will never be thirsty again. 
My life's motto has become "Not overwork, but overflow,"
and it has already made the difference in my life."

There is no straining effort in an overflowing life, and it
is quietly irresistible. It is the normal life of omnipotent
and ceaseless accomplishment into which Christ invites
each of us to enter--today and always.
from Sunday School Times

Reader, I can tell now when I am not at rest, for it drains
me dry and I shrivel up into an exhausted ball. I used to
be able to push through, but now, unless the Holy Spirit
is working through me, all is dust and ashes. 

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