Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Our Salvation is of God

He hath not beheld iniquity in Jacob; neither hath 
he seen perverseness in Israel...Numbers 23:21

Our salvation is of God, of the Father, who chose us
before the beginning of time; and of the eternal Son,
who, in the deep counsel of the ever-blessed Trinity,
undertook to redeem us and to bring us unto glory;
and of the Spirit, who in the same eternal love was
appointed to enlighten, quicken, and renew the elect
unto the blessedness of the everlasting inheritance.

This eternal, absolute, free, and unchanging love is re-
vealed and given to us in the Lord Jesus Christ, who
by one offering has perfected for ever all who believe
in His name. By His death He has separated us from
our guilt and death, and brought us unto God.

He has sanctified Himself for us, and us to Him. Be-
lievers have been sanctified and presented unblamable
before the Father in the person of the Lord Jesus. The
Father's good pleasure or delight rests now on the
people for whom Christ died.

Thus God is always beholding us in Christ, and with
eternal love. He beholds neither iniquity in Jacob, nor
doth He see perverseness in Israel; although we stand
before Him in the brightness of the all-revealing light,
He sees us clothed with white garments, and cleansed
in the blood of Jesus Christ His Son.

And although we are constantly failing and falling, 
yet does He behold our faith as never failing, and 
ourselves as firm as Mount Zion, which cannot be 
moved, but stands fast for ever. With never-changing 
fervency and tenderness of love God beholds us cho-
sen, redeemed, sanctified in Christ Jesus.

Perfection is now given to all who believe. God Himself
is our salvation, Jehovah Himself is our righteousness.
Christ's inheritance is our inheritance. The source of
eternal love, self-moved, infinite, ocean without shore;
the channel is free abounding grace, the gift is eternal
life, even life by the Holy Spirit in oneness with Jesus;
the foundation is the obedience of Christ, eternal in its
origin, infinite in its value, and unspeakably God-
pleasing in its character.

How willing are we to forsake our own thoughts, to 
give up our own righteousness, to forget works and 
feelings, and to stand still, in awe and joyous adoration 
beholding Jehovah bringing near  His salvation and 
His righteousness! 
"Of God are we in Christ Jesus, whom God has made 
for us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, 
and redemption: that, according as it is written,  He 
that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord."
SAPHIR, ADOLPH (1831–1891)

Reader, the man who wrote this grew up in a Jewish house-
hold in Hungary. His family was converted in Scotland and
he went on to receive many degrees and ended up pastoring
in the Presbyterian Church. He helped others see the close
connection between the Old and New Testaments. He knew
what it was to live under law--and fail. His bio is below. He has 
made some outrageous statements above. However, I have 
found them true in my later life and it is these which have set 
me free to live life out of His abundance, and not my puny 


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