Friday, August 10, 2018

An Old Hymn

Lord Jesus Christ I seek Thy face,
Within the veil I bow the knee;
O, let Thy glory fill the place,
And bless me while I wait on Thee.

I thank Thee for the precious blood
That purged my sins and brought me nigh,
All cleansed and sanctified to God,
Thy Holy Name to magnify.

Shut in with Thee, far, far above
The restless world that wars below,
I seek to learn and prove Thy love,
They wisdom and Thy grace to know.

The brow that once with Thorns was bound
Thy hands, Thy side I fain would see;
Draw near, Lord Jesus, glory crowned,
And bless me while I wait on Thee.
Alexander Stewart 1843-1923

Reader, I had penned this poem back in 1996
and found it as I was going through my diary.
There is something to say for the old hymns
that open up our hearts to God.

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Sabine Vlaming said...

Beautiful, dear Jane. The glorious old paths....